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"It is difficult to find a fundraiser that the children are actually interested in and Smencils have done that.  They have also sold very well to parents during car rider and we seem to have quite a bit of chatter going on about the pencils and we are happy with our sales.  Our school grouped them into sets of 10 pencils and tied them with a festive ribbon and had GREAT success turning a $1 sale into a $10 sale!"

Hope Charter School
Lin Wetzstein

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In-Hand Sellers...
A Fast & EZ Way to Serious Profits!

Looking for a way to quickly raise money for your group? Our In-Hand Fundraising Ideas could not be easier.

First, decide which one of our great in-hand products you wish to sell. Next, order the product; most of our in-hand sellers deliver within 3-5 days of your order date. Once the product is delivered and you have it in-hand, you are ready to sell to your supporters. No taking orders for future delivery, no tabulating orders, and no need to worry about delivering the product later.

Ezfund has a large variety of in-hand fundraising products. For your sweet tooth we have Gourmet Lollipops, Candy, $1 Cookie, and Chocolate Pops. If you are looking for healthy fundraising ideas, our Trail Mixes, Beef Jerky, and Hokey Pokey are sure to please. We also have some great GREEN fundraising products such as Smencils.

No matter which In-Hand seller you choose to run, your Profits will come quick and EZ!

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Gourmet Lollipops
Gourmet Lollipops
Up to 50% Profit
 Smencils - Scented Pencils & Pens
Smencils - Scented
Pencils & Pens
 Candy Fundraisers
Candy Fundraisers
up to 55% profit
Snacks / Beef Jerky
Snacks / Beef Jerky
Up to 50% profit
 Spirit Sleeves
Spirit Sleeves
Up to 45% profit
 Scented Bookmarks Smanimals & More!
Scented Bookmarks
Smanimals & More!
Up to 50% profit
Chocolate Pops
Chocolate Pops
40% profit
 Healthy Snacks Nuts, Popcorn
Healthy Snacks
Nuts, Popcorn
Up to 50% profit
 Coffee Lovers
Coffee Lovers
40% profit

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Facts about In-Hand Seller products
  • Personal fundraising consultants to help and guide you every step of the way
  • EZ Online Ordering for your convenience
  • We will process and ship your gourmet lollipops within 1 business day.
  • Multiple Distribution Centers for most products
  • FREE shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States
  • Ask about our Frequent Buyers Program
  • We accept any competitor's discount coupons (include the coupon with your order).
  • Minimum order required on all products
  • Limited return policy (on certain items - see individual product page for policy)
  • We provide everything to make your fundraiser as EZ and profitable as possible.