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"Thank you Jenine, delivery and distribution was a breeze. Definitely good advice to have your folks sort them by student. We were able to hand them out in time for mothers day and it was a beautiful weekend for gardening. Sincerely, Capri"

Capri Stiles

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$1 and $2 Bars
$1 and $2 Bars
Up to 60% Profit

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Original One Dollar Bar

America's Favorite Tasting Chocolate Bars

A one case minimum order makes these large 1.5 oz. fundraising candy bars great for small and large groups alike!

One Dollar Bars come in 2 different Variety Packs.

$2 Community Pack come in a variety pack of 3
different chocolate bars. Earn 50-60% profit
(GREAT Value) with these large 2.25 oz. $2 sellers.

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One Dollar Bars meet most state's health requirements for
foods allowed in schools and are PEANUT FREE!

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$1 Variety Packs
Up to 45%
$2 Community Pack
Up to 60%
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"America's Variety"

(4) 60-count totes per case.
Each 60-count includes:

  • 16 Creamy Caramel
  • 16 Roasted Almonds
  • 12 Crispy Rice
  • 8 Milk Chocolate
  • 8 Dark Chocolate with Almonds

Minimum order: 1 case

  Order case quantities
21+ 9-20 1-8
Cost per case $132.00 $141.60 $148.80
Profit per case $108.00 $98.40 $91.20
Profit percent 45% 41% 38%
Order Dollar Bars - America's Variety Pack
Dollar Bar - America's Variety Pack
Order ONLINE or call 800-991-8779 for more info.


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