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Smanimals Backpack Buddies
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Backpack Buddies

NEW from the makers of Smencils™, Backpack Buddies are scented stuffed animals that come attached with a keychain. There are 6 different characters all with their own unique scent.

Each Backpack Buddy is filled with super soft stuffing and environmentally friendly ceramic clay beads that have been infused with a gourmet scent. Scents are guaranteed to last for 2 years. Each case includes a counter top display in which you can showcase the entire line-up. Clip them to your backpack and watch your backpack become cool and smell awesome.

40% Profit

Meet Our 6 NEW Cuddly Friends
(Each mastercase contains 120 Smanimal Backpack Buddies
and 1 counter top diplay)

6 Buddies to Choose From

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Order Information   

Smanimals Backpack Buddies mastercase order information.
  • Each scented stuffed animal sells for $5
  • Your cost per stuffed animal is $3
  • Minimum order: ONE mastercase (120 plush buddie)
  • Mastercase cost: $360
  • Your profit per Mastercase = $240 (40% Profit)
  • Mastercase comes with 1 counter top display and 120 Backpack Buddies.
  • Each Buddie is individually packaged
  • FREE shipping in Continental United States (except Hawaii and Alaska).
    NO hidden costs!
  • Delivers within 4 - 8 business days
    Most Backpack Buddie orders placed by 3:00pm (CST), ship the SAME DAY!
  • Net 30 days with Purchase Order (Public Schools Only)
  • Order ONLINE or call 800-991-8779 or 615-986-7513 for more info.


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