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Request for fundraising product information

Please browse our website and determine which program would be best for your group.

Note: This form is a request for product information and NOT a request for Selling Kits!

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Cookie Dough
 - $10 Tub Cookie Dough
 - 2.7lb Tub Cookie Dough
 - Pre-Portioned Cookie Dough
Frozen Products
 - Pretzel Sticks
EZ Profit items
 - Smencils - Scented Pencils
 - Beef Jerky
 - Scratch Cards
 - Popcorn
 - Ultimate Coffee Break

 - Round Pops
 - Color Xploder Pops
 - Football Pops
 - Shape Pops
 - Shockwaves
 - Chocolate Roses
 - $1 Chocolate Bar
 - Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods
Seasonal Products
 - Holiday Shop

 - Fall 2017 - Gift Catalog
 - Heritage Candles & Magic Melts
 - Chocolate Indulgence
 - Homestyle Fudge & Toffee
 - Ultimate Beverage Collection
 - Gourmet Snacks
 - Flower Bulbs
 - Gourmet Caramel Corn
Personalized Products
 - Spirit Sleeves
 - Custom T-Shirts
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