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50% Profit

Smanimals - Scented Plush
$10 seller

Make 50% profit with a Smanimal Fundraiser. These scented plush animals come in ten different animal styles and scents.

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"Good Morning Pat,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to Thank you for all of your help and patience. The delivery yesterday went perfect, from the delivery man who was EXCEPTIONALLY nice and extremely helpful, he was right on time and even seperated all of the different flavors for us in rows so that we did not have to lift anything. Also we LOVED the new print out order forms that you sent us. What a HUGE difference this made. It made the seperating of all of the cookie dough so much faster and easier to read that we flew right thru it all. Also the new (for us anyway) style of boxes also helped sorting so much easier, not having to stop and use a box cutter to open all the boxes just saved so much time.

So all in all, the improvements that your company made this year were AWESOME!

We are considering doing a candy fundraiser in the spring, if you could possibly send me any information that I could bring to our next meeting I would greatly appreciate it.. Until then I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season."

Christine McHugh

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Top Fundraising Ideas for All Size Groups

EZfund has the perfect group fundraisers for small, medium, or large groups. Our product choices come from our years of experience in the group fundraising business. But these are only suggestions. If your group is highly motivated, you can run a successful fundraiser with any of our programs.

Small Group Fundraising Ideas (less than 50 members)

Our fundraising consultants will help you achieve your goals with programs that will give your group up to 50% profit. There are no extra costs because of your group size.

Our small group suggestions are EZ In-Hand Sellers like our Gourmet Lollipops, Smencils (Scented Pencils), and Healthy Snacks.

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Medium Group Fundraising Ideas (51 - 300 members)

Medium sized groups have a larger number of people in the community to sell to and thus have an opportunity to use order taker products. These products produce larger sales that translate into BIG PROFITS.

Sports groups, church groups, pre-schools, and daycares can take advantage of group fundraiser ideas like our Frozen Cookie Dough, Flower Bulb Brochures and Healthy Snacks.

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Large Group Fundraisers (300+ members)

Large Groups have the potential to raise lots of money with big profits. An EZfund Fundraising Consultant can assist in organizing your fundraiser and to achieve your goals for the group.

Large groups are assured success with our Full Service Program. With EZfund's proven system you receive free selling kits for each member, our kick off program, great prize incentives, and our reliable delivery system. Our customer service personnel, with their attention to detail, have no equal. Add this all together and you will soon find out why groups keep coming back to EZfund every season.

Some our best large group ideas are Frozen Cookie dough, Brochure Fundraisers, and Flower Bulb Brochures.

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Do you see one of your groups below? Check out our fundraising ideas for your particular group type.


PTA/PTO fundraiser
Elementary School fundraiser
Middle School fundraiser
High School fundraiser
Cheerleader fundraiser
Gymnastic fundraiser
Dance fundraiser
Daycare fundraiser
Pre-School fundraiser
Band fundraiser
Choir fundraiser
Church Group fundraiser
Sports Team fundraiser
High School Prom fundraiser

Can't find your group in our list?  Check out our most popular fundraising products.

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Facts about an Group fundraiser
  • FREE selling kits for all sellers
  • FREE promotional materials to boost your sales
  • Earn up to 50% profit (based on program)
  • Excellent prize program incentives for all sellers (And most prizes are *FREE!)
    *The Top Level Prizes are shared cost w/customer - $50-$75 per item.
  • Personal fundraising consultants to help and guide you every step of the way
  • FREE shipping with minimum size order
  • FREE access to online order tally service
  • FREE access to online order reports (by student, class, top sellers, etc.)
  • FREE instruction and materials for the distribution of your products
  • We provide everything to make your fundraiser as EZ and profitable as possible.