Online Fundraising with Magazines

Online Fundraising with Magazines
A free & easy way to raise funds online
No door-to-door & no inventory
Personalized & secure online magazine store
Over 650 magazines at up to 85% off cover prices
A way to reach supporters nationwide
Monthly profit checks for 40% of all sales

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You Sell You Raise Your Cost Your Profit Profit %
50 subscriptions $1,000 $0 $400 40%
100 subscriptions $2,000 $0 $800 40%
250+ subscriptions $5,000+ $0 $2,000+ 40%
Profit chart based on subscriptions selling for an average of $20 each.

Why choose the Online Magazine Fundraiser for your next fundraising campaign?

The online magazine fundraising program is a fast and easy way to raise money online, from the comfort of your own home! There is no product to deliver and no door-to door, so it is also a safe way to fundraise!

  • The best part about this online fundraiser is that, since itís free and so easy to run, you can combine it with any other fundraising program to help increase your profits Ė without any extra work, costs, or risk!

  • And if you start an online fundraiser, youíll get $50 off your EZfund Cookie Dough order if you sell at least 10 magazine subscriptions.*

  • Plus, your group members can earn a free movie ticket redeemable online by sending 12 email invitations to their friends and selling at least 1 magazine subscription!

How does the Online Magazine fundraising program work?

Itís so fast and easy to run an online fundraiser:

  1. Personalize your online magazine store with your colors, message and image once youíve signed up.

  2. Tell your network across the US (group members, friends and family) about your online magazine store by emailing them the link.

  3. Watch friends and family order or renew their favorite magazine subscriptions online (with over 650 magazine titles at up to 85% off newsstand prices).

  4. Collect 40% of all subscription dollars generated on your store through monthly profit checks!

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