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See You at the Top
See You at the Top
Fundraising with
Elementary Schools &
Sports Teams

There are Prizes Galore ...
in "See You at the Top"!

Students love these prizes - just look what they can earn!

We have a variety of Incentive Prize programs that are included with your selling kit - Most prizes FREE of charge!  See You at the Top is just one of several programs that are age appropriate for your elementary school age sellers!

Fundraising Prizes are a great incentive to motivate members of your group. Fundraising profits can often times double or triple the sale with a great prize program.

EZfund has a variety of prize incentive programs for all age groups and one for your particular group type. Whether you are an Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Sports Team, Cheerleader, Dance Team, Daycare, Gymnastics Group, or Music Group... YOU WILL LOVE OUR PRIZE PROGRAMS!

Check out our other prize incentive programs...

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Locker Full of Prizes
Locker Full of Prizes
High School &
Sports Team Fundraising

 See You at the Top
See You at the Top
Fundraising with
Elementary Schools &
Sports Teams

 Free Cookie Dough Prizes
Free Cookie Dough
Fundraising with
Elementary Schools &
Middle Schools


Prize Facts!
  • We provide FREE prize award brochures!
  • We provide most prizes *FREE of charge!
    *The Top Level Prizes are shared cost w/customer - $50-$75 per item.
  • Prizes increase Participation!
  • They generate bigger Sales and greater Profits!
  • They add fun and excitement to your sale!
  • Prizes are a great way to reward your Sellers for their contribution to your Fundraiser!


Prizes DO Make a Difference...
                     The Proof is in the Numbers!

Group NameTotal Sales
without Prizes
Total Sales
with Prizes
Brewer Middle School$2,197$7,260
Methodist Child Care Center$1,105$4,891
Sacajawea Elementary School$1,286$4,860
Abundant Life Christian Center$2,577$3,458
La Loma Jr. High School$1,080$2,738
Cleveland Heights High School$973$1,788
Boling High School$621$1,365
Plainfield High School$599$1,050
Children's Corner Child Care$376$696