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"I am 'passing the torch' to the new 5th Grade coordinator of the fund-raiser...She is also employed at our school.  I am copying this message to her so that she can hook up with you in planning for next year.  I will tell her that the cookie dough sales were easy and well organized and fun for the children.  Thanks for all of your help."

Sul Ross 5th Grade Grad Project
Sylvia Luera

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Earth Candles


Earth Candles

Are candles a popular fundraising product?

Absolutely... over 72% of American homes purchase candles annually!

Earth Candles are EZ to sell and are one of our
Go Green Fundraising Products.

Earth Candles are hand poured from a premium all natural wax blend and upscale fragrances producing exceptional candles. Our quality candles include these premium features:

  • Highly Fragrant
  • Lead Free Wicks
  • Made in the USA
  • 60 hour + Average Burn Time
  • Fragrance blended all through the Candle
  • Many Popular Fragrances
  • Fun Gift Item to Sell
  • All paper packaging and labels are made with recycled paper
  • When possible, recycled glass is used
    An Earth Candle fundraiser is environmentally friendly and profitable... so let's Go-Green!

    Magic Melts
    (Scent Bars & Warmers)

    Not actually magic, but only Magic Melts ™ are so highly fragrant! Create welcoming scents in your home with long lasting fragrance bars and there is no flame! Simply break off portions of your favorite fragrance and add them to a warmer.

    Magic Melts come in 10 great scents and if you need a warmer we have beautiful full size warmers and wall plug-in warmers. Magic Melts are great for your home, office or dorm.

    TAG with our Earth Candle program or one of our Inspirational Candle programs and watch your profits grow!

    Each 2oz Magic Melt Fragrance Bar is priced at $4 and the warmers are priced at $13 & $20. You earn 40% Profit!

      Magic Melts

    Run this Earth Candles brochure program and get:

    • Candles are perfect for your home or to purchase as gifts for others
    • FREE selling kits for all sellers
    • FREE promotional materials to boost your sales
    • Excellent prize program incentives for all sellers (And they're FREE!)
    • Personal fundraising consultants to help and guide you every step of the way
    • Large 12oz & 14oz candles priced at $14 and $16 for 40% Profit!
    • Purchase by item with this Brochure Program (no case requirement!)
      (Minimum Order - 24 units)
    • FREE shipping for 120 units or more anywhere in the contiguous United States
    • Orders less than 120 units will have a 60 per unit shipping charge.
    • Call 800-991-8779 for information about running this program TODAY!

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