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Magic Melts


Magic Melts

Not actually magic, but only Magic Melts ™ are so highly fragrant! Create welcoming scents in your home with long lasting fragrance bars and there is no flame! Simply break off portions of your favorite fragrance and add them to a warmer.

Magic Melts come in 10 great scents and if you need a warmer we have beautiful full size warmers and wall plug-in warmers. Magic Melts are great for your home, office or dorm.

Tag Magic Melts with our Earth Candles or Inspirational Candles and watch your profits grow!


Run this Magic Melts brochure program and get:

  • FREE selling kits for all sellers
  • FREE promotional materials to boost your sales
  • Excellent prize program incentives for all sellers (And they're FREE!)
  • Personal fundraising consultants to help and guide you every step of the way
  • 2oz fragrance bars are priced at $4 and warmers are $13 & $20.
    You earn 40% Profit!
  • Purchase by item with this Brochure Program (no case requirement!)
    (Minimum Order - 24 units)
  • FREE shipping for 120 units or more anywhere in the contiguous United States
  • Orders less than 120 units will have a 60 per unit shipping charge.
  • Call 800-991-8779 for information about running this program TODAY!

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