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"Another organization at our school used your cookie dough as a fundraiser.  I bought some and the cookies are outstanding."

Middle School at Parkside
Kim Saltmarsh

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Chocolate Indulgence


Chocolate Indulgence

Make chocolate your indulgence and watch your profits grow. You can earn up to 45% profit with this great candy fundraising idea.

Our Chocolate Indulgence brochure offers a wide variety of delicious chocolate candy. All products $8.00.

Orders over $500 are pre-packed for your convenience.

Make 45% profit with sales over $2,500; sale less than $2,500 make 40% profit.


Run this Chocolate Indulgence brochure program and get:
  • A beautiful 4 page brochure containing delicious chocolate treats!
  • FREE selling kits for all sellers
  • FREE promotional materials to boost your sales
  • Excellent prize program incentives for all sellers (And they're FREE!)
  • Personal fundraising consultants to help and guide you every step of the way
  • All Items priced at $8.00 for 40% to 45% Profit!
  • Purchase by item with this Brochure Program (no purchase by case requirement!)
  • FREE shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States for minimum order of 24 units or more. $10 fee added to orders less than 24 items.
  • Call 800-991-8779 for information about running this program TODAY!

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