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"Everything went great!! Driver/delivery person was super nice and helpful. Everything is accounted for and went off without any problems. The PTO group all said that we will use your company again!!! Very organized and even the prizes were organized. Loved the stickers for the bags, easy to find kids bags and phone numbers on sheets were excellent for calling parents.

Thank you so much for helping me get through all of this, as this was my first trial at a fundraiser.. I am planning to run for VP of fundraising for the next school year :)"


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Chocolate Indulgence


Chocolate Indulgence

Make chocolate your indulgence and watch your profits grow. You can earn up to 45% profit with this great candy fundraising idea.

Our Chocolate Indulgence brochure offers a wide variety of delicious chocolate candy. All products $8.00.

Orders over $500 are pre-packed for your convenience.

Make 45% profit with sales over $2,500; sale less than $2,500 make 40% profit.


Run this Chocolate Indulgence brochure program and get:
  • A beautiful 4 page brochure containing delicious chocolate treats!
  • FREE selling kits for all sellers
  • FREE promotional materials to boost your sales
  • Excellent prize program incentives for all sellers (And they're FREE!)
  • Personal fundraising consultants to help and guide you every step of the way
  • All Items priced at $8.00 for 40% to 45% Profit!
  • Purchase by item with this Brochure Program (no purchase by case requirement!)
  • FREE shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States for minimum order of 24 units or more. $10 fee added to orders less than 24 items.
  • Call 800-991-8779 for information about running this program TODAY!

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