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"I ordered some cookie dough through a coworker who's child was doing school fundraising selling cookie dough.  The cookie dough was branded as from "The CookieDo Factory" and it is the best cookies I've ever had (and I've had a lot of cookies in my time); and I wanted to find out where I could get some more."

Email from Jennifer Roberts

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Brownies, Pretzels & Coffee Cake

Brownies, Pretzels & Coffee Cake

Otis Spunkmeyer's Double Chocolate Brownies, Pretzels & Apple Cinnamon Coffe Cake!

The delicious Double Chocolate Brownies are 40oz of thick chocolate brownies topped with semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Otis Pretzels area a classic savory treat! These pretzels come with a Salt Packet and a Cinnamon & Sugar Packet to make 12 healthy snacks. Just bake and serve.

The Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake is 42oz of delicious moist apple coffe cake with a crumbly cinnamon topping - Just thaw & serve!


This product is currently not available!

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