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"Another organization at our school used your cookie dough as a fundraiser.  I bought some and the cookies are outstanding."

Middle School at Parkside
Kim Saltmarsh

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Brownies, Pretzels & Coffee Cake

Brownies, Pretzels & Coffee Cake

Otis Spunkmeyer's Double Chocolate Brownies, Pretzels & Apple Cinnamon Coffe Cake!

The delicious Double Chocolate Brownies are 40oz of thick chocolate brownies topped with semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Otis Pretzels area a classic savory treat! These pretzels come with a Salt Packet and a Cinnamon & Sugar Packet to make 12 healthy snacks. Just bake and serve.

The Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake is 42oz of delicious moist apple coffe cake with a crumbly cinnamon topping - Just thaw & serve!


This product is currently not available!

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