102 Fundraising Ideas for Schools

102 Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Are you searching for the next fundraising idea to raise money for your school? Look no more!

We compiled the best school fundraising ideas that can pour dollars into your institution. Students, parents, and teachers will all enjoy these 102 fundraisers, so pick the one that adjusts best to your school’s needs.

Talent Show
To promote this fundraising event:
  1. Hold auditions for those who wish to join.
  2. Encourage everyone to participate by advertising the prizes that they can win.
  3. Ask students to make posters of the participants and hang them around the school and town.
  4. Sell tickets for those who wish to watch. You can also sell merchandise such as t-shirts and bracelets.
  5. On the day of the event, sell some food and professional photographs of the performers.

Walk-a-Thon Challenge
Organize walking groups among teachers, students, and parents. Charge a minimal fee for everyone who wishes to join. The winning group should be the one who made the most number of steps in the given limited period. Make sure that all steps are measurable via a gadget (Fitbit, smartwatch, or mobile phone).

Board Game Tournament
Schedule a day when parents, students, and teachers can compete through board games. Organize multiple ones such as chess, scrabble, and monopoly! Charge a minimal fee for everyone joining so you can raise some funds but be sure to reward winners generously too!

Video Game Tournament
This one is similar to board games but uses video games instead. You can rent or borrow the equipment that the tournament will need to save more money. Be sure to advertise this around classes to have as many participants as possible!

School Dance
Organizing a school dance is more complicated and requires planning. But once done successfully, you'll be able to raise funds, and everyone will have a night to remember!
If you hire a DJ the night can be even more special and you can charge more at the door.
You can award a People's Choice Queen and King of the Night by gathering votes and charging a fee for those who want to vote.

Cookie Dough Fundraising
This is a classic fundraiser that has been around for many years! People love to bake & eat delicious cookies and that is why this proven fundraiser is always a favorite. You want to work with an established company since this fundraiser includes a few steps that are necessary to be successful. Here is one we recommend: https://www.ezfund.com/products/cookie-dough-fundraisers/cookie-dough

This fundraising idea is one of the teachers’ and parents' favorites because it encourages the young ones to read. Charge a joining fee for everyone who wishes to participate. Then students will have to log the number of pages they read for a specific period. The student who reads the most will have a reward.

Yard Sale
Simple and effective! Everyone can bring an item into their home that they don't need anymore. Students usually bring mugs, school materials, or old home decors. All the sales will go to the cause of the fundraiser. This activity usually has a good turnout in terms of profit since everyone always brings something that other people will love to buy.

Karaoke Night
Have fun while raising funds with a Karaoke night! Rent a karaoke or multiple karaokes and set up singing booths. Charge a minimal fee for every song that someone wants to sing. Before you know it, you'll be counting a considerable amount of money because almost everyone loves karaoke!

Organizing a raffle is one of the classic fundraisers that everyone loves! Just determine prizes that they can win and charge a fee for everyone who wants to join. You'll probably have money pouring in no time because everyone wants the chance to win something.

Movie Night
Rent a movie and prepare a viewing room where everyone can watch and enjoy. You can gather funds by selling tickets for these viewing schedules. And you can also sell some movie snacks such as popcorn, hotdogs, sandwiches, and soda. Before your movie night, you can organize an order-taker Popcorn school fundraiser! There are no expenses for your school to get started and that will be a great way to complement your movie night. Here is a good option for your school: https://www.fundraising.com/products/order-takers/all-order-takers/sweet-chaos-popcorn-fundraiser


Date Auction
Choose the most eligible student or teacher at school and open them for close dates. Organize a short program where participants who wish to watch need to pay an entrance fee. The highest bidder wins the date!

Virtual Fundraiser for Schools
If you want to avoid handling products and money, this fundraiser is for you! No money to pay upfront. efundraising.com is a great option, they will setup an online store for your school and you can offer a variety of items. As they set up your personalized store for you, your only job is to promote your personalized online store and encourage your supporters to buy. On average, your school will earn 40% of the total sales. Items are delivered directly to the buyers’home, and you receive a profit check at the end of the fundraiser. In terms of ease to organize and rollout, this fundraiser is hard to beat. www.efundraising.com was the first company to offer this type of program more than 20 years ago and is still around today as a great online fundraising option.

Baking Contest
Make a baking program where students and teachers bake some yummy and easy-to-sell goodies like cookies and cupcakes! Turn this into a fundraiser by selling these goodies at a reasonable price.

Ice Cream Party
Beat the heat with this fundraiser that everyone will surely love! Buy some ice cream of different flavors and build some booths where parents, teachers, and students can buy them. As a bonus, you can also charge extra for sprinkles, chocolate syrup, or other toppings.

Yoga Class
This one is a favorite among mommies and teachers but is not limited to them! Make sure to welcome beginners in this venture too! Hire a yoga instructor and organize classes that participants can attend if they have donated.

Zumba Class
Another favorite and this one probably requires a music system that can play songs that can energize. Same with the yoga class, hire an instructor that will surely make the crowd go wild.

Golf Tournament
This one will surely be a hit for the dads and male teachers! You need to rent a golf course, or even a mini one will do. Be sure to charge all the participants and give a handsome reward to the winners! You can also sell some merchandise or snacks for those who wish to watch.

Quiz Night
Compile a list of questions and organize inclusive teams composed of teachers, students, and parents. Each participant should pay a minimal joiners fee, and the winners will win handsome rewards. You can also sell some snacks for those who are just watching the quiz night.

Craft Classes
This fundraising activity is a favorite among students. Schedule a class that's dedicated to crafts and arts. Charge a minimal fee for those who wish to join this creative class. After this, you can sell the crafts made to both teachers and parents! This is an excellent idea to raise funds while participants are enjoying themselves.

Cycle Ride
Cycling is a popular and fun activity, invite your supporters to a cycling activity. Sell tickets to anyone interested, from students, parents, teachers, and basically anyone in the community who's willing to pay a small price to join this fundraiser. You can also sell some snacks and drinks at the end of the course to pool more funds.


School Carnival
This one is more complicated to organize because you need many things, from booths to prizes to rides that the community can enjoy. But once you can do this successfully, money will surely be coming in, and the school will surely enjoy this day!

Car Wash Fundraiser
Set up car wash stations in the garage of your school. Students, parents, and teachers can all help in washing cars and inviting more people to join so you can pool more funds.

Teachers vs. Parents Tournament
This fundraiser is a source of entertainment for students because it's so fun to see teachers and parents competing with each other.

Organize games from quiz bees to sports where parents and teachers can show off their skills. Charge a fee to the audience, and for those who want to join so, you can gather funds.

Amazing Race
This is a family-friendly race that involves both mental and physical challenges. Charge a registration fee for those who wish to join this fantastic race. Each team can also make their fundraiser by advertising for their squad, compiling pictures, and selling merchandise.

Scavenger Hunt
Place a registration sheet in your school's lobby and invite students, parents, and faculty to work together and form teams. Create a fun course where you hide items in the different parts of the school, such as the library, playground, classrooms, and gymnasium. Winners will win special prizes!

Bingo Night
Young kids and adults love bingo nights! Just sell some bingo cards to everyone who wants to join. People can buy and play multiple cards. Set up a night where everyone can play bingo and win exciting prizes. You can also sell some snacks and drinks for more funds!

Fun Run
Work with your community to organize a fun run where everyone can run and have fun on an exciting racecourse. Sell singlets and charge a registration fee for those who want to join. You can also sell some food and drinks on the day itself, especially since participants will surely be hungry and thirsty after the run.

Plant Sale
Coordinate with your community nursery and sell some plants in your school. Parents and teachers usually love this initiative because it's easy to adopt a small plant. Try to score a discount from your community nursery to collect more funds for your fundraiser.

Pet Parade
Organize a weekend where students, faculty members, and parents can bring their pets to walk around town. Charge a fee for those who wish to join to turn this into a fundraiser. Give the cutest pet an award as well!

American Idol Contest
Sell tickets before the event to gather some funds. Invite participants to make the contest a worthy and exciting one. On the day of the event, you can also set up some concessions.

Battle of the Bands
Charge entrance fees for the audience who wish to watch local bands play made with families with kids. You would need judges, stages, and a grand prize to award the contest's winner.


Family Feud
Inspired by the actual family contest on television, organize your own families and charge a fee for those who wish to watch because there would be a lot. Don't forget to set up a fantastic price for the winners.

Coffee Tasting
Gather different kinds of coffee from worldwide and organize a coffee tasting activity. Charge a small fee for those who wish to join the coffee tasting and sell big pouches for those who liked what they tasted. This one is perfect for teachers and parents alike. You can also chose to run a traditional coffee fundraiser with order takers!

Wine Tasting
A bit similar to coffee tasting, but this time, we use wine. This one is trickier, though! Ensure that no minor is drinking and that this activity is supervised at all times.

Bring Your Pet to School Day
Students generally want to bring their pets to school, so this is the perfect fundraiser. Charge a small fee for those who wish to join and have their pets be with them, even just for a day. Ensure that the pets are the students' responsibility while doing this activity.

Schedule a concert night within the school grounds and feature local artists and bands. Charge an admission fee and talk to the artists playing and let them know that this is for a fundraiser. You can also sell merchandise like shirts, pictures or CDs with autographs.

Open Mic
Host an open mic at school to raise funds and empower the talents of students and faculty members. Charge an entrance fee and enlist all the people who would wish to join and perform for this and give them a small token of appreciation.

Pajama Day
Make school fun with this fundraiser activity! Allow students and even faculty members to go to school wearing pajamas only. We're pretty sure that everyone would like to participate in this FUNdraiser!


Candy Grams
Gather different candies and chocolates and charge a fee for those who wish to send grams of these sweets to teachers or students. You can even set an additional fee if they prefer to send something with a personalized note.

To buy chocolate bars at an affordable price or to run a chocolate bar school fundraiser visit www.fundraising.com

Prohibited Word Charge
Declare a prohibited word at school, one that's usually used often. Charge a penny or a small amount for everyone who says the forbidden word. It's a fun game to play for a day, and before you know it, you'll fill up your fundraiser money jar in no time.

Bottle and Can Drives
Invite and encourage everyone to donate used bottles and cans. Once you can gather them, sell them to the nearest recycling station or junk shop so you can raise some funds.

Rubber Duck Race
This one is a fun fundraiser event that everyone will surely love. Buy some rubber ducks and write numbers on the bottom before selling them to those who wish to join. Then set up a large pool at school or go to the nearby pond to race for the ducks.

School Picnic
Everybody will love this family-friendly fundraiser! Sell tickets to students and families who wish to spend lunch outside or even on weekends. Provide some food, set up some blankets, and enjoy a wholesome quality time!

Sports Fest
Organize a day or week where everyone can bring out their competitive hats and wear them with pride—schedule different sports activities and group participants into other teams. You can charge the participants a joining fee, sell some shirts and tarpaulins for the teams, and sell food and drinks for everyone watching.

Reverse Raffle
This is a great twist for the raffle classic. Sell tickets for everyone who wants to join then give a special prize to the winner. Throughout the day, pick names in the list of participants until there's only one left.

Coffee Day
This one is perfect for faculty members and college students. Sell different kinds of coffee for a day or a week, and everyone will surely love to participate in this great initiative. You can set up a simple booth and ask people to bring their reusable cups so you won't need to buy cups too.

Badminton Tournament
Everyone can join this fun and exciting fundraiser. Rent some badminton courts and invite everyone, including students, families of students, and faculty members. Make sure to give out an exciting prize for the winners.


Bowling Tournament
Similar to Badminton, rent out a bowling center where everyone can show off their bowling skills. Form inclusive teams, and you can even sell customized shirts and concessions while everyone is enjoying.

Tug of War
This fundraiser is simple, but it brings out a competitive spirit among teams. Make a requirement for team formation. For instance, each team should be composed of 1 teacher, two parents, and three students. Charge an admission fee for everyone joining.

Poker Tournament
You only need some cards and participants for this fundraiser. Set up game tables where everyone can play. Charge a small fee for everyone joining and allow people to join as much as possible.

Flowers for Valentines
If Valentine's Day is around the corner, set up a flower booth where everyone can buy a bouquet to give to their friends, teachers, or loved ones. Coordinate with your community nursery to get the best value for your investment on this.Sweet HeartSmencils are perfect for Valentine’s fundraiser, and these scented pencils are the perfect go-to for school fundraising.

Donut Day
Declare a donut day at school! Buy or bake some donuts from different establishments and sell them on that day. Chances are everyone will love snacking on these donuts while helping your cause.

Balloon Raffle
Instead of the usual raffle, sell balloons with numbers inside them. Doing so will add some thrill to your fundraiser! The participants will need to pop the balloon first before knowing their respective raffle numbers.

Count the Candies
Fill a jar with some jelly beans or candies. Charge the people who want to make an official guess and reward whoever guesses the correct number. You'll be collecting a substantial amount before you know it.

Sports Clinic
Hire professional athletes to encourage young ones to join. Or pick great athletes from your local high school. Set up a sports clinic where the athletes teach and inspire the participants in different sports. This is not limited to students only. You can also invite parents and teachers to this initiative.

Master Chef
Schedule a cook-off among teams of students, teachers, and parents. Charge an entrance fee for people who wish to watch and cheer for their teams! Make sure to advertise for this event to attract big crowds.


Photo Contest
Make a theme and ask students to submit their best-related photo. Assign judges so there will be a committee to decide the best picture. Charge a small fee for everyone who wishes to participate and reward the winners.

Wall Climbing Day
Rent a wall-climbing gym that's nearest to your school. Schedule a day when everyone can visit this place and wall climb for fun! Be sure to charge an admission fee for everyone who would like to join.

Indie Film Festival
Rent out films from Indie makers and set up a film-viewing room at school. This is a great idea to raise funds, exposing students to the community's rich culture.

Rooftop Dinner
Clean out your school's rooftop and arrange some tables and chairs for dinner. Charge an admission fee and hire the best chefs from your school to cook some dinner to raise funds.

Guest a Local Celebrity
Reach out to a local celebrity and arrange a meet and greet. Charge a fee for those who wish to attend. This is a great initiative to raise funds while promoting your local celebrities.

The Chilliest
Cook and prepare some chili food and invite participants who love everything chili! Vary the chili levels of the food and award the one who can endure the chilliest. Be sure to charge a joining fee for everyone who wishes to join so you can raise some funds.

Dessert Day
Declare a dessert day when you bake or buy some yummy goodies from the nearby bakery and sell it in your school. Offer different kinds of desserts like cookies, cupcakes, and ice cream to cater to the preferences of everyone.

Pancake Breakfast
Schedule a day when students cook pancakes and sell them for breakfast at school. Make sure to advertise it and announce it ahead of time so that students can participate and plan their meals.

Blind Auctions
Wrap in paper some items that you wish to auction off. This adds an air of mystery and can excite people further, driving the cost of the 'item' to go up. Thus, you can collect and raise more funds.

Play It Again Auction
If there is some sports equipment that some students and teachers aren't using anymore, you can also organize a Play It Again Auction. You can bid off this equipment to raise some funds while rehoming families' precious gear.

Dress Down Day
We're sure that students will love Dress Down Day! They can go to class in lounges or shorts but remember to draw the line somewhere! Charge a small fee for everyone who wishes to come to class in a true dress-down fashion.

"Guess Who" Baby Photo Contest
Acquire baby photos of students and faculty members and invite everyone for a "Guess The Baby" Contest. Require a registration fee for everyone interested to join and award the winner.

Spa Day
Rent out a spa near the school for an 'exclusive' spa day for your institution. Invite teachers, students, and families to join this relaxing day that shall pour funds into your cause.


Face Mask Fundraiser
Hire a custom shop that can make exclusive face masks for your school. Make sure that the designs are cool and catchy! This one is perfect nowadays because of Covid. This will be well-received by both students and teachers!

Guess the Song Contest
Invite participants who wish to join this straightforward and exciting game! Play songs, and the participants should be able to guess the song's title. The last man standing should be the winner and should get the prize!

School Supply Sale
At the start of classes or semesters, sell some useful school supplies to help students complete their needs while you also can raise some funds. Make sure that you sell supplies that students most need so you'll have great sales.

Haunted House
Turn your school into a haunted house by decorating the school into something scary and spooky. You can also wear some scary costumes to add thrill to the haunted feels. Charge an admission fee for those who wish to join and enter the house. Certainly, there will be many!

Art Exhibit
Compile the best art made by students and set up an exhibit. Sell tickets in the community to show off how talented the students are and raise some funds. If the students agree, you can bid off the art and make extra funds.

Carol Singing
This fundraiser is perfect for when it's almost Christmas. Serenade families this Yuletide season while raising funds! Form a group of carolers who will visit the community, including students' houses.

Disney Day
Come into school dressed as your favorite Disney character. For this idea, students come to school dressed up like their favorite prince or princess or even Olaf, if they want! Be sure to give recognition to the one with the best costume! Charge a small fee for everyone who wants to join.

Lemonade Stand
Be refreshed and hydrated on a hot summer day by setting up a lemonade stand and selling lemonades to the community. If your community is big, you can set up multiple booths to cater to everybody.

Halloween Sale
If your fundraiser takes place in October or November, this Halloween Bake sale is perfect! You can sell scary and spooky costumes or treats that everyone can enjoy. Students will love this because they can help your cause while meeting their Halloween needs too. Here at ezfund.com you can always find seasonal fundraisers; not only for Halloween, but also for Valentine’s Day, and the winter Holiday season.


Rock-Paper-Scissors Game
Plan a day when everyone will compete in the ultimate rock-paper-scissors game. All the participants should find a partner to contend with. The winner takes on the other winners until there's only one left. Don't forget to charge a small fee for everyone who wants to join.

Obstacle Course Event
Arrange an exciting obstacle course that shall challenge students physically. Charge a fee for everyone joining and reward the winner of the course. Don't forget to set up medics to ensure that this event is safe!

Balloon Pop Party
This thrilling fundraiser only needs a pen, paper, and some balloons. Sell balloons for around $5 each. Each balloon should have a paper inside that indicates the prize. Put some $1, $2, and $3 for some of the balloons. There should also be one with a grand prize to make this game exciting!

Power of Change
This fundraising idea is straightforward but is also effective. Place a jar per class, and the students can add their spare change to the pots until they are full. The first to fill their jar gets a reward. Meanwhile, you have already collected an amount for your fundraiser.

Book Sale
Encourage everyone to bring an old or used book, then set up shelves where you can place them and sell them for a discounted price. This is an excellent way to rehome precious books, especially if they are in good condition, while also raising funds for your cause.

Mock Cocktails Drive
Create fun, colorful drinks, you can find many mock-cocktail ideas on the internet. Assign some students who can mix drinks and sell them at a reasonable price. Supervise this fun fundraiser and don't allow alcoholic beverages into the mix, especially if you're doing this in school.

Dorm Decorating Contest
Charge a fee for those who wish to join this dorm decorating contest. Assign judges and make sure that everyone knows the criteria for judging. Award the dorm with the best décor! This fundraiser is more applicable to college students who are staying in dormitories.

Alumni Luncheon
Contact a restaurant near the school and host a luncheon for alumni. Graduates usually love this opportunity to catch up and be updated with the latest on their beloved school. If you tell them about your cause, they will undoubtedly support it and express their interest to extend their help.

Community Service
This is an excellent way to immerse students in the different services needed to run a community. Reach out to the community leaders and bid out services that students and faculty members can do. You can offer services for tree planting, cleaning, or repainting.

Care Package
Offer care packages to parents who want to send some to their children residing in dormitories. Boxes can include hot chocolates, customized mugs, weighted blankets, and chocolates!

Scratchcard Fundraiser
Make scratch cards that participants can buy and scratch for a chance to win some fantastic prizes or cash. Everyone loves this initiative because it's exciting, fair, and fun!Supporters can get a coupon with discounts to popular retailers and restaurants. You don’t know where to start? Call us and we’ll help you kick-off your scratchard fundraiser in a snap.

School Merchandise Fundraiser
Students, faculty members, and alumni love wearing their school pride. So use this to raise some funds for your initiative. Create and sell customschool merchandise such as shirts, caps, and hoodies.


Discount Cards Fundraiser
Reach out to different stores and restaurants inside your community so you can score some discounts from them. Create a card that holds all the deals you gathered and sell it for a reasonable price. Parents and students will love how they get to dine and shop at a discounted price, so you'll be able to sell these cards quickly.

Parents' Party
Organize a night out that's exclusive for parents. Make sure that there are drinks, lights and lots of dancing! Charge a small fee for participants and give them a night to remember.

Family Photoshoot
Hire a professional photographer who can take family portraits of students with their siblings and parents. Charge a fee for those who wish to join this initiative so you can raise some funds.

School Sleepover
Turn your school into a big, comfortable room where everyone can have a sleepover. Charge a fee for everyone joining. In return, make the rooms comfy and friendly to sleep in. You can also sell some midnight snacks for extra funds.

Hula Hoop Contest
All you need are some hula hoops and a timer, and you'll be able to do this fun fundraiser idea! The person who made the most hoops and didn't drop the hula hoop wins this challenge. Don't forget to charge a fee for everyone joining and watching so you can raise some funds.

Chore Auction
Invite the whole community to this fundraiser—auction off the students to complete some errands or chores. Teachers can ask the students to clean some rooms, and parents can ask their children to mow the lawn.

Classmates can also bid on their friends to clean their lockers. It's an enjoyable way to collect funds!

Trending Video Challenge
You can make a fundraiser that makes the most out of this social media world. Start an online campaign that challenges students while filming themselves so that it becomes trending. Each participant should donate for your fundraising cause.

Clothing Sale
They say that one man's scrap can be somebody's treasure. For this reason, encourage everyone to bring some clothes that are in good condition but aren't being used anymore. Make a booth where you can display and sell these clothes for a reasonable price.

https://www.canva.com/photos/MAENrqVz1Ew-clothes-hanged-on-clothes-line/ Textbook Sale
Textbooks are one of the needs of students that cost so much. To address this, you can ask for textbooks from higher years and sell them to students in lower years. Make sure to charge a small amount because you are selling used books.

Food Delivery
For a day, you can offer a food service delivery where students can go to the stores or restaurants and deliver them to those who would like to order. It's a great way to raise money while also supporting the businesses inside the community.

Polar Plunges
Last but certainly not least, schedule a polar plunge challenge where everyone will jump into a pool with ice-cold water! Don't forget to charge a fee for everyone joining! Students usually love a good challenge, so we bet they won't miss this one.

There are numerous exciting ways to raise funds for your school. Try one of these cool ideas today! Be it something easy like a raffle or something that requires more planning like a school carnival, we listed them all for you to organize the one that suits your cause and school the best.

We are glad to help you pick the best option for your school! Just give us a call at 1 800 991 8779 or send us an email at info@ezfund.com