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eco friendly fundraising

4 Tips Eco-Friendly Fundraisers for your School

Everyone wants to live in a clean neighbourhood, and most people care about the environment in this day and age, so there are several eco-friendly fundraising ideas that you can take advantage of. Do your part to help the environment and earn a few bucks with these sustainable fundraising ideas.

Clean Up the Neighbourhood
An environmental cleanup is an awesome green fundraiser that students are sure to love because it will get them out of the classroom and in the outdoors for a while. Ask for pledges from people and in exchange perform a trash clean up in the neighbourhood or a nearby park. Not only will the students love the fresh air, but local residents will be happy to have a nice and clean neighbourhood to call their home.

Students always need a pencil, right? So you can make a fundraiser out of selling Smencils. These are scented pens and pencils made with recycled materials, and we always have loads of them in stock in several different colours and themes.

Sapling Sale
Spring and fall are perfect times to sell saplings and seeds, and few things are more environmentally friendly than planting a few trees. This is another school fundraiser that will get the kids out in the neighbourhood and involved with the community. To find the seeds and saplings try asking some local greenhouses if they have anything to spare, or see if they’ll offer you a bulk discount.

Bottle and Can Collection
It’s always a shame to see empty bottles and cans littering the streets and parks where you live. Turn that into a green fundraising idea by doing a bottle collection drive! Ask people to bring in their empty bottles and cans, or look for sponsors willing to pay your students to scour the neighbourhood for empties. At the end of the day, all those 10 cent deposits can really add up!

Most students love the chance to get out of the classroom for a little while, and these fundraisers not only raise money for your cause but also help the environment. In the end, everyone benefits from these eco-friendly fundraising ideas.

tips to Sell More at your Fundraiser

4 Tips to Sell More at your Fundraiser

It’s not easy to launch a successful fundraiser because there are a lot of things to consider in making sure you see the desired results. Not all fundraising ideas are made equal, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but there are a few things to bear in mind that can help. So, here are a few tips that should help you sell more at your fundraising event.

Be Original
There are a lot of old fundraising ideas that people have seen a hundred times, so you might have some trouble getting people’s attention. This includes things like bake sales, garage sales, and raffle tickets, just to name a few. Get creative and put a new spin on an old idea; if you’re having a bake sale, add a theme related to your cause, or you can reserve a spot at a local park and turn it into a full day of family activities. You just might be able to turn a few heads with something fresh.

Generate a Buzz
These days it’s very easy to utilize social media, emails and even online marketing to generate a buzz about your fundraiser. More and more people are logging onto Facebook and other online outlets so you can easily get the word out about your fundraiser and generate a buzz before you get things started. When people start talking and sharing your content there is the potential to go viral if the right elements are in place, and then you’ll really see the funds rolling in.

Get Foot Traffic
If you do an outdoor event it’s best to do it in a place where you get a lot of foot traffic. It’s just the same principle as opening a retail store: you want to set up shop in a place where the most people will walk by and see what you’re doing. Each person who walks by is a potential donor for your fundraiser.

Know Your Audience
Not everyone will react to the same things. You need to zero in on exactly who you’re marketing to with your fundraiser and tailor it to them. Are you looking for seniors? Students? Parents? Just like in advertising, you have to know your audience to get the most results. Figure out who your audience is and what they’ll go for.

Fundraising can be a challenge, but it can also be a lot of fun if you keep your group engaged and your goal at sight.

Football Fundraisers Guaranteed To Make You Money

Football Fundraisers Guaranteed To Make You Money

Sports teams often have to launch fundraising campaigns and we’ve got six solid football fundraisers to get you started. Whether you need new equipment, uniforms, or a tour bus to get to away games, consider these fundraisers for your team.

Punt Pass & Kick Competition
The NFL’s Punt, Pass and Kick competition has been a smash hit for years, so why not stage your own version of it? The way this fundraiser works is pretty straightforward: players pay a fee to join the competition in which they compete in punting, passing, and place kicking. There are different age divisions to keep things fair. For example, you might have one for 5-7 year olds, another for 8-10 year olds, another for 11-12 year olds, and so on.

Hall of Famer Diner Party
Arrange for a fun and affordable dinner party at a banquet hall and invite former players and coaches as well as people currently on the team. Ask for a modest fee and make it clear in the invitation that it’s a fundraising event for the team. It’ll be a great opportunity for people to meet former players, exchange stories, and maybe even make new friends. It’s sure to be a fun night for everyone.

Concession Stand Sales
What’s game night without some drinks and snacks to enjoy while you’re cheering for the team? See if you can get a local business to help you out by providing things like coffee, chips, hot dogs, and anything else you feel might be easy to sell to the fans. You’ll probably have to give your business partner a small cut of the proceeds to make it worth their while, but everything can be put towards your fundraising efforts. You can place your concession stand at the entrance and set it up with a sport’s theme. The options are endless, from football lollipops to custom T-shirts, you can have a good variety to cover different tastes and budgets.We have some great products for your concession stand, so don’t hesitate to call us and get some great advice from our fundraising consultants.

Team Memorabilia
Shirts, hats, and jerseys are a mainstay for professional sports teams, and your team can have its own sports apparel and accessories personalized with your team logo or name.

Football 101
Have some of your players offer to teach a football clinic to kids in the area for a small fee. The Football 101 lessons can be offeres in a park with a football field open to the public. Put up some posters and flyers around the city to attract attention before the big day. Social media is another good way to generate a buzz for this fundraiser.

Sponsored Touchdowns
This football fundraiser is a good one because it will inspire the players to play hard, and play to win. Have them collect a list of sponsors from the community who will agree to submit a donation each time a player scores a touchdown. For a little extra incentive you can also offer a prize to the player who manages to raise the most money. The same thing could be done with QB sacks, completed passes, interceptions, or field goals instead of touchdowns.

Hopefully at least one of these fundraising ideas will work out for your team. If you need anything to help get your fundraiser off the ground, don’t hesitate to call or email us!